Flat Rate Commission plan

Selling Your Home the Right Way

Flat Rate listing commission starting at $3500
Wickenburg Sellers will save over $8000 on average 


I have sold 100’s of property’s over my first 15 years in Real Estate. Over the years I have run a team, run an office, and worked with all types of properties from remote acreage to commercial buildings. Moving forward I am no longer doing any of that. Now I only take residential listings in Wickenburg. My clients will now have my full attention as I am no longer pulled in numerous directions at one time.

How it works

I have always offered discounts on commissions for properties that were likely to be less costly or less time consuming, and now I take that to the next level with 11 possible ways to reduce your listing commission. I also have reduced my overhead and streamlined and simplified my business in order to offer the most competitive commissions in town. Most importantly now a home seller can pay a commission that is much more in line with the level of service provided.

Service and Marketing

There is no reduction in the quality of Service I provide. My clients have full representation from one of the most experienced agents in town. My marketing is however streamlined focusing only on the most productive methods for finding a buyer. In summary I combine a yard sign with excellent photography and a well thought out presentation to nearly every internet sight or phone app.

Listing Commission

Base commission: $13,000

Client uses Internet and smart phone -$1000 _______

Home has a conventional design: -$500 _______

Home isn’t dated (20 years?) -$500 _______

Home is fully functional -$1000 _______

Free of any location concerns -$1000 _______

Priced at Market price (within 5%) -$2500 _______

Paved road access -$500 _______

1 hour showing tidy/uncluttered -$1000 _______

House is on public water and sewer -$500 _______

House is in a recorded subdivision -$500 _______

No easements across property -$500 _______

Listing price over $700K add 2% to difference _______


Additional Commission expenses

2%-4% Marketing a property in the multiple listing service requires a

commission to be offered to the buyer’s agent. The amount of this

commission can certainly affect the frequency of showings. We will work with you to come up with a competitive commission to offer the buyers agent, that won’t jeopardizing the number of showings.

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